Galena's Deck Log 22 - 30 Jan 2011 enroute to Cartagena.
22 Jan 2011  
0715 Departed George Town, Great Exuma.
All up w/ 130% Genoa. Boat Speed: 6kts
Wind 240 at 15kts
Genny might be too much. Hand-steering downwind.
1130 Dropped Genny for turn south on the bank. After turn wind 240 @ 16kts
1153 First reef
1200 Spot rpt. Will send each day at noon if possible. Started engine for run west
1324 Angle of heel important on depth sounder: Before tack: 7.9, After tack: 8.2
1530 Made turn at West Comer. Wind: W @ 15, 2' chop. Secured engine. G:5.8 kts.
Set Harvey (Aries steering vane). Poured last of this morning's coffee. Sat back w/book after checking the charts ref the point I would be coming off banks into deep water.
1649 Un-hanked the 130% genny and stowed it below. Hanked-on the Yankee Jib.
I was thinking as I kneeled on the bowsprit, "This is the most dangerous thing I do on Galena." Speed down to 3.5 kts. Wind well forward of the beam. Thinking of shaking out the reef in the main. But it will be dark soon. And there's that cold front coming at about midnight. Anyway, speed up to this point has been over 6-kts so a little slower here is OK.
1724 Galena's speed down to 2+ kts. Shook out the reef (little help).
Raised Yankee Jib. Now 5-kts
1800 145 @ 5-kts 23 10.7'N 075 22.5'W
1950 Rain (heavy)
2000 Dropped jib. Lightening to port and astern. Speed 3.2
2100 Lightening close astern
Running double-reefed main plus staysail
156 @ 4-kts 23 02.3'N 075 16.7 W Wind:210@20+
2220 Heavy rain as cold front approaches. Wind seems to be shifting SW to W
23 Jan 2011  
0230 185 @ 4-kts 22 45.18'N 075 11.2'W
Really bad squall. Big wind shift. North now winds 25-30
Hand-steering flor last 30-min. Wind just to port of astern. Galena trying to round up.
Cold front is definitely here.
0637 160 @ 5-kts 22 26.9'N 075 07.9'W
Seas high and breaking (6-9 ft) Wind NE @ 10
Cloudy; squally; cold
1856 150 @ 4-kts 22 16.6'N 075 00.5'W
seas down a bit. sky clearing. Wind clocking NE to E
1340 Double-reefed main. 170@4.7
Blustery with overcast sky. seas 4-5'
1939 150 @ 4-kts 21 31.8'N 074 32.3'W
Wind 090@18
24 Jan 2011  
0045 175 @ 4-kts 21 15.8'N 074 30.3'W
Strange: winds up, seas down, warmer
0328 160 @ 5-kts 21 05.8'N 074 24.7'W
wind higher, seas are back to 'huge'
0630 20 55.4'N 074 18.6'W
0740 Chris Parker (8104kHz): "Deteriorating conditions through Wednesday night"
0900 Rolled up the bimini. it was going to rip in this high wind.
Discovered my inflatable vest had inflatted when I shipped a big wave.
Also discovered that I'm feeling just a touch of sea-sickness.
Water on the floor in main cabin. probably coming from leaking scuppers.
Wind down just a bit.
1030 Shook out both reefs.
1200 Rigging failure: staysail fell to deck. The halyard shieve shackle broke.
Have to go aloft to fix it. Not now. Raised yankee.
1400 reefed so I could turn downwind into the Windward Passage.
1700 190 @ 5.1-kts 20 07.7'N 074 03.1'W
2100 210 @ 5.5-kts 19 57.1'N 074 05.6'W
Sky clear, seas moderate
Wind 090@12
Galena riding smoothly with 1 reef + yankee
25 Jan 2011  
0015 220 @ 6.2-kts 19 39.3'N 074 11.3'W
3-times tonight the AIS alarm got me up. One time I tried to call the ship on DSC but he didn't answer (although I got the ACK signal).
0240 240 @ 6.7-kts 19 16.4'N 074 25.9'W
Is there a southerly current here? I'm surfing down waves at 8-kts.
0430 204 @ 6.2-kts 19 16.4'N 074 25.9'W
gentle but fast downwind sail
Seas < 10ft
Beautiful, restfull night. best of trip so far.
0700 Oatmeal
1000 Used a 'spare' headsail halyard to raise the staysail.
It doesn't lead fair so I didn't tighten the luff too much.
170 @ 5-kts 18 46.9'N 074 37.9'W
Winds 120@10, Seas < 3ft, Temp 82
My hips are painfully bruised where I contually bump against the nav station table
Trying to round the SW corner of Haiti. Wind and boat speed way down. 20nm till I clear the headland. Galena's speed 3.3
1050 2.8kts. lots of Haitian fishing boats about.
little more than one-man canoes with huge sails
1100 2.5 kts. wind 1.5 - 4 kts
1200 356nm down, 500nm to go
1300 No wind. 4'swells from both NE and S.
I think they are rounding up from around the tip of Haiti and mixing with those from the Windward Passage. Very rough ride but no boat speed. Firing up the engine to get out of here.
1400 Swells are quite significant and mostly on the beam.
1440 Secured engine (Eng:2490 hrs)
1550 212 @ 4.1-kts 18 28.1'N 074 43.5'W
1900 Dropped jib. Eased the main a bit.
Still 5 kts but a much better ride
Still very rough. Don't like it!
5 more days of THIS?!
2300 Double-reefed main. Galena is riding much better now.
26 Jan 2011  
0100 Starting to worry about current and trades pushing me too far west to make cartagena.
now Right of course 3.4nm with 443 to go speed 3.2kts
0600 reefs out
Right 5.5nm 427nm to go
If I dont' make Catagena, my fuel situation become important. I didn't top off when I left Bahamas. I'm counting on fueling up in Cartagena.
0700 Jib up. R5.2
0740 R4.2 422 to next wp
0750 170 @ 5.5-kts 17 26.3'N 074 55.2'W
0945 170 @ 5.5-kts 17 17.6'N 074 52.0'W
1000 Pounding way too much. Pulled Harvey a notch to right to fall off a bit.
Squalls all around me.
Left of course 1.4nm with 411nm to next wp
speed 6kts with all up
1015 gave Harvey another click to right and eased jib sheets a bit
1100 L 3.5/402 to next
More stbd on Harvey. Wind 12-15 going to SE
Squalls gone
Noon 450 trip/ 408 to go
all up winds light ENE
1220 Jib down in a sudden blow
1450 Wind uup and down. Afraid to raise the jib as it will have to come down in 20-min. But 3-kts of boat speed hurts.
L 4.6 396 to next
180 @ 4.5-kts 16 58.4'N 074 49.6'W
Boarding waves took out my sea curtains. I heard a hssss sound and didn't know what it was. In the morning I looked into the cockpit and saw that my auto-inflate harness had dones it's thing. I re-armed it and repacked it.
Watched a DVD ("The Proposal")
1830 I may be in more constant air flows now. Main and stay up -- nice ride for last few hourse. Took down the Bimini; too much cross wind. Tinking about reinforcing the edges with cord.
2330 Harvey another click to stbd.
L 8.3/354nm to next
27 Jan 2011  
0225 170 @ 4.7-kts 16 04.5'N 074 48.2'W
Wind E @ 20-23
a bit windy but nice ride
Slept 2.5 hrs straight. No sail change. No AIS, Just bounching along
H one click stbd
0430 AIS - CPA 1.1nm Called DSC Got an ACK but wouldn't talk to me
0730 1 reef
0815 Squalls all around me. Looks to be rough day
0915 L 13.9 // 302 to go
Serious squalls with heavy rain high winds. Wind seems to backing a bit. Gray skies make the the sea look black in the morning
1015 190 @ 6-kts 15 10.5'N 074 51.5'W
Squall after squall all morning.
10' seas winds 20-30kts all on the beam.
Talked on 14,300 just to hear another voice.
1800 180 @ 4-kts 14 37.9'N 074 55.5'W
2045 180 @ 5.5-kts 14 23.5'N 074 55.3'W
28 Jan 2011  
0630 Slept very very well. seas down, wind down, still rocking as I sail broad to wind.
Time to start planning arrival times. Do I have to slow down? and when do I do that? Can't speed up.
Dropped staysail. just a double-reefed main
0930 Drifting west more than I would like.
Trying to turn east without crashing into waves.
Speed down to 3.8kts
hardened up the main.
1130 Wind has gone SE again
Starting to use that "L12" I had banked
1150 Yep, going to windward yet again
Only 160nm to go and the wind clocks to the bow.
This sucks!
Noon L12.9 163 to next
1230 Wind clocking E again
Gave Harvey a couple clicks
Galena was pounding hard. That fixed it.
1245 Lost saysail. 5 hanks gone. and a tear along the leech.
1800 190 @ 6.5-kts 12 33.8'N 074 12.4'W
1935 wing 25kts 2 reefs and jib. Surfing at over 8kts
2100 gusty. but down a bit
100 miles to go
29 Jan 2011  
0030 Took a very big wave over deck
wind 25kts East
0730 Flying fish all over the deck. Some have been there a while.
They are clogging up the scuppers
0820 Accidental gybe in 30kts. Not fun.
0930 another huge boarding wave. I have to seal the main hatch to keep the waves out
30 Jan 2011  
  Last day out was just a long day.